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What is green beauty?

Green Circle Status

The core of our mission statement when forming Raven & Rose was about being an environmentally sustainable salon; we couldn't justify opening the doors to another beauty salon without being accountable for the waste generated by our business... So we joined the Green Circle Salon family.

We have committed to changing the impact of the beauty industry on the environment to recover and re-purpose beauty waste ensuring that we can help keep people and the planet beautiful.

What does that mean for the consumer? A $2 Environmental Stewardship Fee (ESF) is included in all services. This small contribution allows us to participate in North America’s only salon recycling program which recovers and re-purposes up to 95% of resources that were once considered waste materials such as hair, leftover hair color, foils, color tubes, gloves, processing caps, paper and plastics. The ESF also supports further green changes in our business such as upgrading to LED light fixtures, water saving nozzles, and low-flow toilets.

We hope this type of recycling program will become an industry-wide standard in the next decade, promoting awareness and sustainability for future generations.


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