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Brave the Shave 2019

St Baldricks Brave the Shave 2019

St. Baldricks is a wonderful organization that raises money to fund research to fight childhood cancer. One of their main fundraising efforts are "shave-a-thons" that happen across the country in mid-March, the biggest local event is at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland on March 16th, 2019.

This will be Noel's 7th year in attendance after learning through about this group through a client's son, Isaac, that was battling cancer (and is now in remission). While Rebecca has been both a shaver and shavee (pledging to shave her head in solidarity to raise money) for this event and is excited to return for her 3rd year. It will be the first year in attendance for both Jr Stylist, Helena, and our lovely front desk person, Starr Violet, who has a personal goal of $1,000 to shave HER head!!

We have collaborated with other hairstylists in the area and shavees to form the United Hairworkers team through the local St Baldricks event:

This is one of the most intense, rewarding, and AMAZING things we get to participate in as members of the Beauty Industry. Our friends and families include survivors and Angels that have been effected by cancer, this is one of the few ways we are able to acknowledge and give back to this community. Any support possible for this fundraiser is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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